Sharing about Rome

The Roman empire is believed to be amongst the oldest kingdoms in Europe. The city of Rome was founded by Romulus in 753 BC. It is believed that Romulus had a twin brother by the name Remus. When they were babies, they got abandoned in the area that is currently Rome and were found by a she-wolf who raised them; when they were old enough Romulus battled with his brother Remus. He overpowered him and killed him and thus became the first person to rule Rome.

The population or Rome is believed to have around 2.7 million people even though Rome’s metropolitan area boosts of having a population of about 3.7 million people. By as early as the 4th century, Rome had already built a road network of around 53000 miles throughout the Roman Empire. Each and every roman mile had about 1000 paces. Modern Rome has more than 900 churches apart from having 280 fountains. Its only the freeborn Roman men who were allowed to don togas in ancient Rome. Togas were a sign of Roman citizenship. Roman women on the other hand wore stolas. These were toga versions for females and were made from linen. Rome is about 14453 feet above sea level and is located in-land about 17 miles from the sea of Tyrrhenian. Rome is also known as the eternal city or caput mundi’- caput mundi is a Latin word that means the world’s capital.

Concrete was invented by the Romans and they used it on numerous structures such as the coliseum, the pantheon as well as the Roman forum all of which stand today courtesy of the Roman concrete and cement. The Romans 1st began using concrete more than 2100 years ago. They used it in buildings, monuments, bridges buildings and aqueducts

Roman husbands always kissed their wives on the mouth at the end of the day on a daily basis but not for romantic purposes. They were kissing them to see if they had been idling around taking wine throughout the day. Rome is believed to have been built on seven hills namely palatine, Aventine, Caelian, Esquiline, Viminal, Quirinal and Capitoline. In ancient Rome, women used to dye their hairs using goat fat as well as beech wood ashes. Blond and red were amongst their most popular colors

It’s believed that more than million people perished and more than 1 million wild animals died during the battle at the colosseum. Final gladiatorial fights are believed to have taken place in 435 AD. Just like the Romans, Augustus the emperor was very superstitious. He always ensured that he put on the right shoe first since he believed that the left one was unlucky. Strangely enough left’ means sinister’ in Latin!

Emperor Trajan is credited for building the first ever shopping mall in Rome at around 110 AD by the name Trajan market. It had multi levels and sold wide ranges of grocery items and goods. Julius Cesar of Rome is also the person who introduced the 12 month calendar that is used up to date. Before that, Arabic or Lunar calendars were used. The 12 month calendar was named the Julian calendar. It was introduced in 46 BC.

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