Sharing about Venice

Venice is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is located on a group of 180 islands in the Venetian lagoon in Northeastern Italy. Many people consider Venice as one of the most romantic cities in the world. This is largely due to the Gondolas and the numerous canals that dot the cities landscape.Though the city itself is not very large, it is estimated that around 2.7 lakh people stay in and around the Venice comune.

The city has a lot of attractions that catch the eye of anyone who passes through it’s boundaries. As mentioned before, the Gondola’s are one of the prime attractions. You cannot go to Venice and not ride a gondola. It’s just not done! Another attraction that has gained popularity over the years is the Plazza Ducale also known as the Doge Palace. It’s a Venetian Gothic structure that is imposing and yet magnificent in its design. The Basilica di San Marco, is another famous tourist stop. It is one of the best known Venetian churches and a single glance at it will tell you why! Bear in mind that this is a place of worship. If you are not dressed appropriately, you won’t be allowed to enter.

Speaking of dressing appropriately, if there’s one thing the people of Venice are particular about, it’s their clothing, even down to their undergarments. In contrast to the cheap, throwaway clothing culture that’s prevalent in much of the United States, Venetians will spend more up front on quality, but less overall, because they purchase clothes that are made to last. You can employ the same practice by opting to purchase classic wardrobe pieces that never go out of style.

Venice is also famous for it’s carnival. Many choose not to visit the city at this time of the year because of the streets are invariably crowded. If you are brave enough to venture into it’s city limits during the carnival time, you will find that you will not be disappointed. The festive atmosphere is extremely catchy and you will find yourself caught up in the magic of the moment. It is truly a unique experience.

A trip to Venice is never complete without a visit to the Murano island. There is no better place than this to buy glassware. This is just one of the incentives to visit the shores of this famous island. The Murano island is also home to some of the best glassware artists in the world. Visit the museum ‘Museo del Vetro’ and learn about the art. Watch as the masters turn the molten glass into beautiful and intricate pieces. It’s a sight to behold!

A visit to any city can never end without trying out the local delicacies. Venice is famous for some Italian dishes like Fritolle, Galani and Sarde in saor. You can even indulge in a dish called the Folpeti. It is an intricate preparation which involves using baby octopus and bay leaf. Perfect for those who love to try out new things!

Venice is a place that you can spend days wandering in and still find something new to see each day. The famous bell tower, the International Gallery of Modern art and numerous famous museums dot the city’s landscape. The city has managed to retain a lot of it’s natural heritage. Some even venture to say that it hasn’t changed much in the past 600 years. It’s beauty is unmatched the world over. That leaves us in no doubt about why the UNESCO has named it a heritage site. A visit to Venice will leave you enthralled and the city will embed itself in your memories forever!

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Sharing about Pompeii

When it comes to sharing about Pompeii, there are a lot things that comes into your mind, especially the tragedy that hit the city in 79 AD. Pompeii is a well-known ancient city all over the world. This city is situated in the modern city of Naples in Campania, Italy. During the 79 AD, Pompeii along with Herculaneum and many other villas located within the surrounding area were destroyed and buried under 13 to 20 feet of pumice and ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted. According to historians, Pompeii could have been established around 6 century BC by Oscans. In 4 th century BC, the town was under the rule of Rome, and was conquered and made the Roman colony in 80 BC after it lost its bid to rebel against the Roman Republic.

By the time of Volcano, 160 years later, the ancient Roman city had a population of about 11,000 people. At that time, the city had a complex water system, a port, gymnasium and an amphitheater, which indicates that the city was growing at an alarming rate.

The fateful event was described by Pliny the Younger, who witnessed the eruption from a distance. The disaster preserved a lot about the way of life of the Roman people, including art, artifacts, and buildings.

Today, Pompeii is one of the five archaeological sites in Italy. In addition, Pompeii attracts over 2.5 million tourists per year. The good news is that the site is accessible since it has its own railway station halfway between Sorrento and Naples.
Things you must see when you visit Pompeii
Pompeii Sanctuary
This structure was a dream of several believers . The construction of the Basilica began in 1876 thanks to the donations from the believers all over the world. It comprise of two aisles and one nave. Today, the church cannot accommodate all the believers who come to take part at this collective prayer despite the works made to enlarge it.

The Forum of Pompeii
When you are at the heart of Pompeii, you can clearly see the Forum, which was the political, religious and an economical center. In fact, it was a well-known place that was used for religious manifestations as well as political debates. In the II century BC, the inhabitants decided to to improve the Forum to suit its functions. When you are at the center of the square, you can see the temple of Apollo. Note that the statues of divinity that bejeweled the temple are found at the archaeological museum in Naples.

The Amphitheater in Pompeii
The amphitheater is found at the end of the street known as “via dell’abbondanza” in Pompeii near the archaeological site of Pompeii. In fact, it is regarded as the oldest stone structure of this kind. This building was constructed in 80 BC. It was well designed to suit the needs of the people. For instance, in the superior parts of the amphitheater there were big holes that were used to put covering on the arena to protect the audience from the elements of weather, especially rain.

Other sites that will blow your mind include the Villa of the Mysteries of Pompeii, the House of the Faun and more. Take your family to Pompeii and you will see everyone smile.

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Sharing about Tuscany

As the regional capital of Florence, Tuscany has attracted a lot of attention over the years. Located in the center of Italy, the city has a population of almost 3.8 million inhabitants. It’s landscapes and history have enchanted people for years. Today it is a popular destination for travelers who want to visit the birth place of the Italian Renaissance. The fact that it is also the birthplace of man influential figures in the world of art and history is also an added draw. Some tourists come to just enjoy the culture and the natural beauty that the city has to offer.

The Dumo-Santa Maria del Fiore gives you a birds eye view of the vast expanse of the city and all that the city has to offer. In addition to this the cathedral itself is a heritage site. It is said that the cathedral is the fourth largest in the world! The Lucca City walls will take you back to the 1500’s. The medieval walls are still intact and a path of trees will take you to the very top of the walls. Keep your camera ready as you will find the view breathtaking.

The Piazza del Campo, the Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta, Ponte Vecchio and the Tower Guinigi should also be on a tourist’s checklist. For those who love history, the museums such as the Uffizi and Pitti Palace are a must see. They give you an insight into the world that has gone by.

The art of Michelangelo is well known the world over. That is precisely why it is important not to miss the replica of Michelangelo’s David statue. This statue is located at the Piazzale Michelangelo. In addition to the statue, the Piazzale gives you a great vantage point to look down at the city. It is highly recommended that you visit the spot once in the day and once in the night. The experience is totally different!

If you are in Tuscany then it is wise to set aside some time to take in the colors and tastes of the city. A number of food shops and artisan shops are scattered across the city. It isn’t hard to find a place to indulge in an authentic Tuscan meal. Indulge in the famous Lampredotto. The Lampredotto is famed as one of the most popular street foods in Tuscany. The Crostini Toscani and Panazella are both dishes made out of bread and are exceedingly tasty. A perfect way to start the day! Meat lovers should definitely try out the Lardo di Colonnata. It’s a pork dish which is popularly served as a started. It’s guaranteed to pleasure your taste buds!

Tuscany is also famous for the wines that are produced in the area. So if you are passing through, then don’t forget to catch a wine tour. It will definitely help you in selecting the perfect wine to take back home with you!

Tuscany has something for everyone. The culture and heritage for those who love history, the scenery and landscape for those who love nature and the food and the wine for those who love to eat. It’s perfect in more ways than one. It’s the perfect stop for a vacation and some people are privileged to live there. Either way… Tuscany never disappoints!

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Sharing about Milan

Milan city is the second largest city in Italy that attracts thousands of visitors yearly from all over the world. The city is known for its exquisite natural attraction sites, archives, culture and most significantly its world fashion industry. Milan city was known to be less attractive as compared to the other cities of Italy such as Rome, Venice and Florence due to the effects of World War II. Today you can realize the latest developments in the city such as the skyscrapers in Piazza Gae Aulenti, the development of the old canal in Darsena among other features that have been upgraded. Visiting Milan comes with a lot of advantages depending on the reasons for your visit. You will have fun, learn and enjoy top security through your stay.

What are the things that you can learn, see or buy in Milan? First, the city has several museums that you can tour. You will see old archives of ancient Rome statuaries that explain a lot of ancient Italian culture. The guides love sharing about the Italian culture so you will have an easy time. You can visit the Rome churches, for example, the Catholic Church. Besides, you can attend live AC Milan and Inter Milan football games while in the city. If you are into style, Milan is the best place for you to check out and buy some of the world class designer clothes and accessories from Armani, Prada, Bottega Veneta and other fashion houses.

Below are some of the relevant information that you need to know about Milan if you are planning to visit the city.

Accommodation services

Milan is rapidly becoming popular due to its modern features. A lot of visitors enjoy the wide variety of accommodation services in the city. You can get the hotel service that best suits your interests. However, accommodation rates may rise during the holiday seasons as a result of high demands.

The best time to visit the city

The finest time to visit Milan is during the spring season that is between the month of April and May and during the Fall season in the month of September and October. The weather is pleasantly warm and mild thus you will be safe from health problems. During the winter season, the city becomes very cold, rainy and foggy. However, the weather livens up few weeks to Christmas, so it becomes a good time to tour the city.


Italy has technologically advanced transport systems that include a network of subways, bus lines and tram. You get in by air travel and use a private taxi or public bus service to get to Milan. There are also taxi services at designated locations that you can access at when you need to tour the city.


On average, Milan city has a favorable climate during the month of July when it experiences the highs of 23-degree centigrade but the temperatures drop to 1-degree centigrade during the month of January.


The primary language of Milan is Italian, but there are the interpreters of the Italian language to other languages.




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Sharing about Rome

The Roman empire is believed to be amongst the oldest kingdoms in Europe. The city of Rome was founded by Romulus in 753 BC. It is believed that Romulus had a twin brother by the name Remus. When they were babies, they got abandoned in the area that is currently Rome and were found by a she-wolf who raised them; when they were old enough Romulus battled with his brother Remus. He overpowered him and killed him and thus became the first person to rule Rome.

The population or Rome is believed to have around 2.7 million people even though Rome’s metropolitan area boosts of having a population of about 3.7 million people. By as early as the 4th century, Rome had already built a road network of around 53000 miles throughout the Roman Empire. Each and every roman mile had about 1000 paces. Modern Rome has more than 900 churches apart from having 280 fountains. Its only the freeborn Roman men who were allowed to don togas in ancient Rome. Togas were a sign of Roman citizenship. Roman women on the other hand wore stolas. These were toga versions for females and were made from linen. Rome is about 14453 feet above sea level and is located in-land about 17 miles from the sea of Tyrrhenian. Rome is also known as the eternal city or caput mundi’- caput mundi is a Latin word that means the world’s capital.

Concrete was invented by the Romans and they used it on numerous structures such as the coliseum, the pantheon as well as the Roman forum all of which stand today courtesy of the Roman concrete and cement. The Romans 1st began using concrete more than 2100 years ago. They used it in buildings, monuments, bridges buildings and aqueducts

Roman husbands always kissed their wives on the mouth at the end of the day on a daily basis but not for romantic purposes. They were kissing them to see if they had been idling around taking wine throughout the day. Rome is believed to have been built on seven hills namely palatine, Aventine, Caelian, Esquiline, Viminal, Quirinal and Capitoline. In ancient Rome, women used to dye their hairs using goat fat as well as beech wood ashes. Blond and red were amongst their most popular colors

It’s believed that more than million people perished and more than 1 million wild animals died during the battle at the colosseum. Final gladiatorial fights are believed to have taken place in 435 AD. Just like the Romans, Augustus the emperor was very superstitious. He always ensured that he put on the right shoe first since he believed that the left one was unlucky. Strangely enough left’ means sinister’ in Latin!

Emperor Trajan is credited for building the first ever shopping mall in Rome at around 110 AD by the name Trajan market. It had multi levels and sold wide ranges of grocery items and goods. Julius Cesar of Rome is also the person who introduced the 12 month calendar that is used up to date. Before that, Arabic or Lunar calendars were used. The 12 month calendar was named the Julian calendar. It was introduced in 46 BC.

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